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The Hookah is a gorgeous room, dark, elegant and festooned with Mediterranean art. When you enter The Suite special Hookah art place you'll be a mesmerized by the wall ceiling decoration, the unique seating arrangements and the wonderful atmosphere When you smoke the Hookah, it takes you away to another time and place. you learn patience and tolerance , and it gives you an appreciation of the good company that you're in. some of the most prolific leaders of past centuries enjoyed the Hookah and respected it for the symbol that it represented. Traditionally, smoking the Hookah was seen as symbol status. It is also similar to our depiction of the handshake. In America, the use of the handshake symbolizes the closing of a deal, which signifies trust and acceptance, Likewise, the use of the Hookah exemplifies bonding and mutual understanding. It has been said that in the early 1840's a political crises erupted between the Outman Empire and France as a result of the Sultan's refusal to offer the French Ambassador the opportunity to smoke with him. So remember, always share the Hookah if you're in the presence of people that you value! The original design for the hookah came from India or Persia, but it was rather primitively made from a coconut shell. Its popularity spread to Iran and then the rest of the Arab world. But it was in Turkey that the water pipe completed its revolution and has hardly changed its style for the last few hundred years. These days in the cafès of Cairo, puffing on their hookah water pipes, patrons mutter about the unstoppable invasion of American fast food. Few realize that the hookah itself is stealthily spreading across the globe.